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“BUT SANWICHES” truck store is situated at the famous commercial street in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, with a neighborhood filled with fast-food stores and various eye-catching advertisements. There is no place to land eyes on account of over-stacked commercial elements. How to draw attention of customers has also become missions for newly opened stores.

In contrast to the exaggerated colors and stereotyped designs around,the design of the “BUT SANWICHES” went the other way,reducing the overall color saturation of the store and focuses on functionsand story-telling.
Although the interior of the store is quite narrow with only 20 squaremeters, the design team made full use of the space above the shop front to digest the unfavorable conditions on site,creating the shop front structure with a sense of unity. In the common local shop layout, the counter and the menu are usually separated. This fragmentary combination often leads to a messy space structure. The design of “BUT SANWICHES” keeps the “open frontage” form of traditional shopping streets. On the other hand, the integrated design of counter and menu solves the problem of visual trivialities.
The theme of warehouses and logistics transport vehicles seems groundless, but in fact the creation of a sense of freshness and efficiency referred to by the “warehouse” image coincides with ideas that fast food restaurants want to convey. The design team also hopes that through this project, we can convey the sense of mystery and interest that we find from the traditional “unseen, undesigned” backstage spaces such as the warehouse.